by Jordan Worner

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    The debut album from Australian singer songwriter, Jordan Worner

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"From rock to jazz, contemporary country and gospel, DECIDED journeys through 13 original, semi acoustic, easy listening and distinctively Australian tracks, promising music for everyone.

Music with a message."


released August 29, 2009



all rights reserved


Jordan Worner Australia

Jordan is an Australian singer songwriter. He is passionate about leading people into God's presence through music, and has had opportunity to do so all over the world.

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Track Name: Sing

(c)Jordan Worner 2009 Thomas More Publishing/admin by Kingsway Music

Lord across the sky
Lord above the waters
Living Saviour rising in this place

Lord before all time
You stand first in line
With Your people and You will restore us

And as we wait Your spirit moves among us
As we wait creation tells of
All Youve done

Chorus: I sing, sing, sing, sing, sing
Yeah I let Your music ring
I just sing, sing, sing, sing, sing
Sing of Your great love
Sing of Your great Love

Lord who changes lives
Draw us to Your side
Father, Youve made each of us Your children
Calling us by name, faithful You remain
Till that time when You will come back for us

And as He died, my Saviour thought of me
All my sin is nailed to that tree
All my praises arent enough to thank Him
So from now my every breath I give Him


The Lord Your God is with you
He is mighty to save
He will quiet you with His love
And rejoice over You
In song
Track Name: Thankyou

(c)Jordan Worner 2009 Thomas More Publishing/admin by Kingsway Music

I was a little left field
Down and out before you came
Thinkin no one would ever hear my story
No one knew my name

But you have come and lifted me
Higher than Ive ever been
Put the music in my soul
Where do I begin

To thankyou
For making every hour on earth worthwhile
You paint the colours in my world and
Always make me smile
Thankyou for not leaving me, thank heaven that youre mine
I wanna thankyou for being amazing

Thanks for doin those things
That you didnt have to do
Thankyou for loving me with every morning new

Thankyou for believing in the song I sing
May this one be always yours
May it ever ring



Life would be so dreary
Without you by my side
Thanks for being with me as we
Hold on for the ride


Track Name: Drawing Near To Jesus
Drawing Near to Jesus

(c)Jordan Worner 2009 Thomas More Publishing/admin by Kingsway Music

Jesus my Redeemer
In very nature God
You left the throne of Heaven, came to earth
Lord You came to serve us
With love we dont deserve
Lord You gave us life, You gave us worth
You gave us worth

Im drawing near to Jesus
Trusting in the Saviour
For it is not beyond His dignity
To love us as His children
Carry every burden
Place within us all we need to be
If the Maker of the world should die for me
That is all I need

Jesus said be humble, be like little children
For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to them
Jesus, take this sinner
Cleanse me through and through
That I may be Your child once again
Once again


Lord You always hear us
We're reaching out to You
Broken, bowing down before the Lamb
You will not desert us
You always reassure us
That we are not mistakes, were in Your plan
Were in Your plan


Hes always glad to see us
And Hell take us as He finds us
For it is not beyond His dignity
To love us as His children
Cause Hes the One who made us
Gave us everything and now I see
If the Maker of the world should die for me
Thats all I need
Track Name: Decided

(c)Jordan Worner 2009 Thomas More Publishing/admin by Kingsway Music

for Danika

You found me in the darkness
It was You who stepped in
To the hell I was living
And every time I fell again
You were there

You gave Your life for me
The only reason Ive got mine
You're the King who went before me
You're the reason Im alive

I have decided
To follow Him
Yes, I have decided
No turning back
No turning back

Jesus, I was worthless
Lost in my shame
If I'd seen me from where You were
I would have run away
But You came near

Now I know You're with me
Live every day by Your Grace
You are powerful and mighty
And You have washed my sins away



I'll meet Him in the desert
When the day is done
And He'll wrap me in His beauty
While I sing for all Hes done
Track Name: You Are Everywhere!
You are Everywhere!

(c)Jordan Worner 2009 Thomas More Publishing/admin by Kingsway Music

She's sitting in the red dust
Beneath a million stars
Gently holds the hands of those she loves
And eyes wide with wonder, sparkling like the fire
Sings praises to the One her heart desires

You came for everyone
Cousins, aunties, dads and mums
As far as east is from the west
Your great love abounds
All across this ancient land
You hold the people in Your hands
We will never understand but
You are everywhere!

Theres laughter and theres freedom
Kids on shoulders tall
Playing, making mess they have a ball
And some of them have nothing
Compared to all I have
Yet they welcome me with love and I am glad



Sitting in the red dust
Swirling smoke and noise
A tiny body in my lap asleep
I see all my family, surrendering to You
And there is hope because You see them too


You came for everyone
Cousins, aunties, dads and mums
Manyallaluk to Uluru, Your great love abounds
Kids in Bagot clap their hands
Say that Jesus is the man
The God of peace who rules their land
He is everywhere!

And theres no borders, black or white
You are everywhere
Track Name: All The Time
All The Time

(c)Jordan Worner, Georgia Mottee 2009 Thomas More Publishing/admin by Kingsway Music

My Lord I come before You
You are worthy of my praise
Cause I was lost but now Youve found me
Yes, I am Yours today

Perfect God I see Your beauty
In everything Youve made
Perfect God I dont deserve to be
A child of Your Grace

You hold me and You teach me
And you guide me through the day
Youve shown me where You want me
Right this moment
Your love is never ending
Just seek and you will find
That my Gods everlasting
Yeah Hes good all the time

My Lord came for all people
Every woman child and man
For the strong and for the feeble
Each one in His hands

Lord You came from Glory
Sinless Lamb was slain
Let us sing Your story
Lift up Jesus name



Yes He holds you
Cause He loves you
And Hell guide you through the day
Just call out His name and He has found you
His Grace is still amazing
Just seek and you will find
That my Gods everlasting
Yeah Hes good all the time

Yes God is everlasting
And Hes good all the time
Track Name: Carrie

(c)Jordan Worner 2009 Thomas More Publishing/admin by Kingsway Music

There is a time to be silent
There is a time to speak up
So in this time, I share with you
These words that spoke right to my heart

The wisdom of an old lady Carrie was her name
Her hands had touched history
Yet still her point remained

All we have is this moment
And a past of old memories
So I will take this moment
And tomorrow, I will just let that be

There will be times of sadness
When we dont see eye to eye
But somewhere amidst life's madness
Comes a point we must all realise

That every day were given is opportunity
For us to be the difference
Unite humanity



And Carrie looked at me with wide eyes
Squeezing my hand, she smiled
And she told me words from the Bible
That I hadnt heard for a while

She said her Creator had it all under control
Glad Hes the only One who knows
What her tomorrows hold


And tomorrow, I will just let that be
I will let that be
Track Name: for Kempsey
for Kempsey

(c)Jordan Worner 2009 Thomas More Publishing/admin by Kingsway Music

Early morning, day's begun
Behind the glass their faces come
From east to west and all around
Black feet, white feet on the ground

And some they wear a dark disguise
See it flicker in their eyes
Beautiful children, just wanting to be loved

And I give it to Jesus
They need more than I can give
Hold them Lord so they can live
Safe in Your care
May what theyve seen and where they're from
Disappear within Your love
And as the stars shine above
I give them all to You

Rocky, he is twelve years old
No mum, no dad to show him love
Yet You bring him through that gate
And I pray its not too late

Jesus, it seems so unfair
I have it all, he suffers there
You have the answers
But I dont understand

So I give him to Jesus

God we are all in Your plan
And have been since time began
Down to live with us You came
Suffered, died and rose again

And though these troubles make us fall
Lord, Youre greater than them all
And one day the nations at Your name will bow

And we give them to Jesus

I know that You see them
And I give them all to You
Track Name: Nameless

(c)Jordan Worner 2009 Thomas More Publishing/admin by Kingsway Music

You, lost in the confusion
A speck amid the noisy picture of life
You, whos running in circles
Away from who you are

Dont you know I watch you
Even when youre sleeping
Dont you know I love you
Built my world around you
I smile just knowing that youre breathing

Breathe in me

Nameless in the crowd
Call my name out loud and I have found you and
I will not let you go
Just surrender all
Lay it all before the One who made you and
Who sees you as you are
My arms are always open waiting

And you have never been nameless to me

You, made in my own image
Now youre telling me youve lost control
I have never run from you
And this story isnt yours

I am and always will be
Even when you doubt me
Dont you know your name is
Graven on my hands and
My heart is aching until you see

See me


All Ive ever done is love you
And you will never be nameless to me
You have never been nameless to me
Track Name: Wise Men Still Seek Him
Wise men still seek Him

(c)Jordan Worner 2009 Thomas More Publishing/admin by Kingsway Music

Who believes what we have heard and seen?
Who would have thought
God's saving power would look like this?
His servant in a stable, would we have passed Him by
To carry our load down Bethlehem's road
On that Holy night

Who could have stood beside that manger, low?
Shepherds fall down as heavenly hosts
Sing to fields below
Welcomed by the lowly, Gods precious gift of love
Hope of the world, light of the world
Child from above

Wise men still seek Him
They still follow that star
Laying every crown at Jesus' feet
Watching in wonder
This Saviour carries their pain
And releases their world from darkness
If they choose to let Him reign

The servant of love, He was looked down on
He suffered while all of creation turned away
A King on a cross would we have passed Him by
Who overcame death, rose to give
Everlasting life


Wise men still seek Him
They still follow that star
Laying every crown at Jesus feet
Watch Him in wonder
This Saviour carries our pain
And releases this world from darkness
If we choose to let Him reign
Track Name: Once Again
Once Again

(c)Jordan Worner 2009 Thomas More Publishing/admin by Kingsway Music

Once again I fall on my knees
How'd you know just what I'd need
I don't have to show the world
Be the loudest to be heard
Cause You're with me

Once again Im just not sure
What to make of life anymore
But you are there when I shutdown
When the waters start to drown
You rescue me

Amazing love, how can it be
That You should look on Him and pardon me
I'm not worthy, yet You love me
And so I'll praise You eternally

Jesus, it's hard to believe
You could understand what I mean
But You're the King who came to earth
You know the joys, You know the hurt


Once again I fall on my knees
Thanking you for being with me
Youre my King and closest friend
Beneath your shelter till the end
Is where Ill be
Track Name: He Is With You
He is with you

(c)Jordan Worner 2009 Thomas More Publishing/admin by Kingsway Music

Do you know the Saviour?
Do you know His name?
Do you know He lived on earth
Lived joy and pain
Born into brokenness, Jesus, King
Nothing less

He is with you
He is stronger than the forces of this world
He wont leave you if you call
In His shelter you are safe
You be strong and you be brave
Cause the mighty Lord of all is here

Will you give your life to Him?
Will you give it all?
Will you lift your eyes to see a heavenly reward?
When everything else fades
He will last
He does not change



He has given all
By His blood Hes restored again
Hes calling us to go
Speak His name
He has shown

Track Name: Everything
Everything (with the Green Valley Youth Choir)

(c)Jordan Worner 2007 Thomas More Publishing/admin by Kingsway Music

Lately I've been falling
Its not like me at all and I feel lost
Stumbling through
Feelings start to strangle
But its easier to be tangled than to let
You help me through

I've made wrong decisions
But Youve never given up on me
Now I need You

You are everything to me
More than I will ever be
You're the star that lights the darkest sky
And shines all through the night
You are wild and You are free
And You have made me see
That as long as I have You
I have everything

Now I stand in awe of You
Amazed by all the things You do
That I don't deserve
Flowing blessings from above
You teach me kindness, teach me love
But theres still so much to learn

I cant make the world go round
But I know when they bring me down
My strength is You


We dont have to understand
Just reach out and take Your hand
And trust in You